Bukit Damansara

MinangKapau, Bukit Damansara

Inspired by masakan padang that has proved enduring from West Sumatra to Negeri Sembilan, MinangKapau is a lip-smacking spot for spicy fare simmering with full-bodied flavours and succulent textures. True to Minang traditions, customers can build their own version of nasi padang here, with small dishes galore to partner with pandan rice. It’s easy to go overboard with ordering, […]

Bukit Damansara

Playte, Bukit Damansara: 2020 Menu

From our current favourite steak tartare in KL to prawn mee that’s playfully reimagined, Playte’s kitchen has plenty of treats and tricks up its sleeve. One year after we first visited, we return to this modern Asian venue to find a 12-month-old restaurant that’s maturing marvellously, embracing changes and challenges under the stewardship of chef […]

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