Stellar, REXKL

Stellar’s constellation of coffee is worth rocketing to REXKL for – feel the power of the dark side with a velvet-black Guatemalan hand-brewed beauty or surf the milky way with a velvet-smooth Ethiopian flat white. Cool quenchers are stars too: The cold brew coffee is aged for two weeks and the strawberry tonic for one, […]


Chocha Foodstore: 2020 Menu

Chocha Foodstore’s new menu is a monumental journey that can be experienced through contrasting routes. It might take you from the Straits of Malacca to the streams of Pahang. It can be tracked across small, self-reliant farms where chickens flock near Broga, where cacao trees bear their crinkly fruits in Raub. Its roots are Malaysian, […]


The Back Ground, REXKL

Fried fare with fiery flair fills the foreground at REXKL’s latest main dining-and-drinking hall, distinct with wafts of wok hei and the sound of sambal being blended in this former cinema car park space. Customise your own pan-fried pleasure, with a base of hawker-style noodles or rice. We chose coconut rice to create a plate […]

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