Anggun Chef Café Restaurant, MITEC

With a vibrantly colourful interior and an alfresco area that offers wide-open views, Anggun Chef Café Restaurant returns with a revamped setting that beautifully complements its creative cuisine. The culinary centrepiece of the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) is now ready to reintroduce itself following months of refurbishment – take a cool marble […]


Phuket Babas, Klang

Powered by Peranakan and Thai inspirations, Phuket Babas potently reimagines the classics of both cuisines from a contemporary lens, recasting everything from pie tee to moo ping. Longtime readers might realise that we rarely tread into Klang, but this restaurant’s premise proved irresistible. Two starters feature sauces that shimmer with intrigue: Try the smoky grilled […]


D’Izakaya, Taman Melawati

Ayam percik sushi rolls? A smash success at D’Izakaya, where chef Azri Che Ishak has the chops to execute the balance of flavours and textures that holds the key to reinvention. Purists might howl, but cuisine shouldn’t stay stagnant – after all, even the California roll was only first created in Los Angeles in the […]

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