The Manor, Himachal Pradesh

Driving up to Dharamshala on the edge of the Himalayas is an hours-long affair, no matter which route you take – have a break at one of the many mountainside cafes that line the journey in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state, stopping at The Manor for a masala-spiced omelette paired perfectly with masala chai. This […]


Illiterati Books & Coffee, Dharamshala

A cosy cafe filled with books, serving wholesome fare such as soy-sauteed local tofu with mixed vegetables and cashews, burgers with paprika-tinged red bean patties, and saffron-infused coffee-almond ice cream, Illiterati is one of the most popular haunts for visitors to India’s Dharamshala, with terrific views of the cedar forests on the fringes of the […]


The Other Space, Dharamshala

Searching for inner peace? India’s mountain city of Dharamshala can take its toll on the nerves after awhile, bustling with visitors eager to see the permanent residence of the Dalai Lama. Seek sanctuary in the serenity of The Other Space over some paratha with lassi; muesli made with popped amaranth, roasted coconut shavings and jaggery; […]

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