Soffle, Mont Kiara

Bringing together Japanese souffle pancakes and sofuto-inspired soft serves, Soffle is a soothing new dessert destination that offers a sweet escape from bitter reality. The signature is the Valrhona Dark Chocolate, with all things chocolate, from the cooked-to-order pancakes (with a 20-30 minute wait) to the ice cream, plus mousse for extra moistness (RM27). You […]


Ramen Setagaya, 1 Mont Kiara

Attention, adventurous ramen explorers: Ramen Setagaya recently launched distinctive promotional bowls like the Shionoya Jiro Ramen, pungently swamped with a mega mound of garlic over a blanket of bean sprouts and cabbage, true to the ‘Jirorian style’ introduced in Tokyo a half-century ago. The noodles can scarcely be seen beneath the toppings, which also include […]

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