Yat Sing Smokehouse

Gorgeously home-smoked pork ribs and belly, cooked at low heat over charcoal and wood for more than four hours, delivered to your doorstep every Friday through Sunday: Yat Sing Smokehouse turned out to be a terrific choice for a recent dinner with friends, prompting everyone to consider ordering more of this mouthwatering meat in the […]


Bangkok To Buriram, Subang Jaya

Bangkok To Buriram’s head chef Orrapim Srinack is still only in her mid-twenties, but her passion for Thai cuisine runs deep; hailing from a family of cooks in the northeastern Thai region of Isan, Orrapim strives to ensure that the flavours of her kitchen remain faithful to her homeland, bringing the true taste of Thailand […]


Ramen Setagaya, 1 Mont Kiara

Attention, adventurous ramen explorers: Ramen Setagaya recently launched distinctive promotional bowls like the Shionoya Jiro Ramen, pungently swamped with a mega mound of garlic over a blanket of bean sprouts and cabbage, true to the ‘Jirorian style’ introduced in Tokyo a half-century ago. The noodles can scarcely be seen beneath the toppings, which also include […]


Bar B by Merdekarya, Bukit Gasing

Chunky, mildly spiced pork vindaloo with potato peratal, raita and plenty of nasi kunyit (RM15), paired with local tuak served in the refreshing style of a sangria (RM14) or mixed with cranberry juice (RM10): With The Doors and Marvin Gaye playing on the speakers on a Saturday afternoon, this friendly new effort by indie music […]

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