Aimori Nihonryori, Solaris Dutamas

Steaming-hot meals that stay true to Japanese traditions: Steered by head chef Tamada, who hails from near Kobe, Aimori Nihonryori is Publika’s latest spot for bowls of classic comfort, serving up soulful noodles, rice and more, with sauces and soup bases crafted in this kitchen. Aimori’s current specialities include pork-laden recipes that make for terrific […]


Le Gourmandin, Solaris Dutamas

With a Toulouse-born chef toiling in the kitchen, a Paris-loving picture of the Seine on the wall, and the 1979 classic Ma Reverence by Veronique Sanson playing on the speakers, Le Gourmandin brings Malaysians closer to France than most of us will get this year. Run by a French-and-Malaysian husband-and-wife team, this new restaurant takes […]

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