OUM: Libraries vie for readers amid digital deluge of videos and viral content

Only three decades ago, libraries were the world’s main reservoir of knowledge, but today, they might seem as old-fashioned as encyclopedias. In the fourth part of our series of food-related interviews with senior faculty members of Open University Malaysia, we spoke to Mr Suhaimi Jamaludin, OUM’s Chief Librarian, on how libraries can remain relevant to […]


Fifty Tales, Bandar Sri Damansara

Bowls of broth-brimmed noodles and sauce-slicked rice: Fifty Tales tells the story of the food that its chef was raised on and hopes will bring people together. Piled with pork, succulent with shrimp, these recipes are rooted in Malaysian Chinese traditions but branch out with inspirations most notably from Japan. If you like soulful fare […]


Pun’s, Damansara Jaya

In 2018, Pun’s launched its home-churned ice cream, scooping out instantly indelible flavours – including the experimental Tomato Banana and even Candied Baby Octopus – at food markets in Bangsar and Publika. Last year, founders Euwie and Elaine embarked on their own parlour in Seputeh, complementing ice cream with crowd-rousers like fried chicken with waffles. […]

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