De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan: Tiffins To Talk About

Traditional tiffin meals return in stunning style at De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan, which fuses classic nostalgia with contemporary stylishness in a limited-edition carrier illustrated with floral and faunal flourishes. The carrier is a beautiful collectible even on its own, with the spotlight on a peacock with its tail feathers fully fanned out.
The entire family will be excited to receive this for lunch or dinner – open it up to reveal three tiers of a multi-course feast: The first layer features Nasi Himpit with Kuah Kacang and Pulut Kuning Pandan, while the second is packed with the spiced protein punch of Lamb or Chicken Kuzi. Finally, De.Wan’s pencuci mulut beckons with a freshly made assortment of Kuih Melayu.
De.Wan 1958 first introduced its tiffins for Aidilfitri, with this second edition emerging by popular demand, priced at RM109+, available for order now at dewan.space (12-hour pre-order required).

Images courtesy of De.Wan 1958.

This post first appeared on eatdrinkkl.com
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