Soffle, Mont Kiara

Bringing together Japanese souffle pancakes and sofuto-inspired soft serves, Soffle is a soothing new dessert destination that offers a sweet escape from bitter reality.
The signature is the Valrhona Dark Chocolate, with all things chocolate, from the cooked-to-order pancakes (with a 20-30 minute wait) to the ice cream, plus mousse for extra moistness (RM27).
You can also order other stacks in varieties like Tiramisu on their own (RM18), with choices of soft-serve flavours like Madagascar Vanilla (RM8).
Soffle’s pancakes are fluffier and more cottony than regular pancakes, but they’re a bit denser than some other souffle pancakes, with a texture within that’s closer to light-crumbed cakes. The ice cream is pleasingly smooth and rich-textured, with a mellow, not-cloying sweetness.

L1-03, Verve Shops, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Mon-Thurs, 12-10pm; Fri-Sun, 12-11pm. Tel: 03-7499-3900

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